10 years and counting!
Join us and hundreds of wives across the nation who are bringing husbands back in style and are making their marriage relationship PRIORITY ONE!!

Living Well with Pam Washington

The Last Wives’ Club is wives supporting wives in marriage as they learn to understand, respect, support, and empower their husbands  to be the amazing men they were born to be and be the WIVES who remind them just how amazing they are!

The Last Wives’ Club is mobilizing wives to partner with us in the GOD-AWESOME HUSBAND Business!! So if you GOT HUSBAND, then join us!

I was the husband in my marriage, and I was comfortable with that until I ran across Genesis 2:18. As far as I was concerned, my husband was my helper. The LWC helped me see the difference between my way and God’s way. I chose God’s way... and it is making all the difference in my marriage. Thanks LWC.

Cheryl, founding member

I was invited to join the LWC and before I made it to the first meeting, I divorced my husband. I knew I had to be married to be in the group but I crashed the meeting anyway. From day one, I realized I blamed the condition of my marriage on my husband. I kept thinking—if only he would... By the end of the third month, I was thinking—if only I would... By my fourth month in the LWC, my husband and I were remarried. Although I thought I knew better, the LWC helped me see that what God required of me was not conditional. I could obey regardless. Now, I don’t know who loves the LWC more, me or my husband.

LaShanda, member

The LWC is Kingdom work—ordained by God to provide instruction to women so that our marriages can bring glory to Him.

Theresa, founding member

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